Digital transformations in the business world have become an urgent need. Through application of digital transformation can help a company’s survival and also increase its operational effectiveness. By recognizing this situation, netWave as an ICT company has acted to accelerate digital transformations with the use of information technology and communication to provide both a viable and innovative solution. netWave is also committed to helping clients reach Indonesia’s rural areas with the right solution. Through our professional expertise in the field, netWave is able to advise the most cost-effective and efficient ICT solutions in the market for our clients’ particular needs, or by modifying our clients’ system to perform more efficiently. Thus, our clients will earn more income with low operating expenses.

Our business was built on the dream of giving innovative solutions with cost-efficiency to enterprise clients across the Indonesian archipelago. As a ICT company we always innovate to provide reliable solutions that meet our clients needs. We also strengthen our competency in the field of business to build trust in our clients. Our journey is nothing without our clients, so we continuously inspire and encourage our employees to place our customers at the focal point of everything we do.


Vision of the Future
To be determined as a leading/main Indonesia ICT company which offers cost-efficiency with innovative and proper solutions that meet our clients needs.

Misson On The Go
• Put our clients as a focus to deliver innovative and proper solutions
• To pay attention and be accommodating to our clients’ needs in order to earn more income at a cost-effective ratio.